Investment in equity requires skill, knowledge and experience. It is safe, sensible and economical to invest in equity mutual funds and be a part of equity market to get maximum returns. We have designed our mutual fund policy to create wealth, save tax and have a regular income. We gather information and plan according to your career orientation and financial goals – whether you need a short term investment, a monthly income, a fixed income or looking for wealth creation, we have it all.


Systematic investment planning is a disciplined path to investing a fixed amount in installments periodically. This investment planning is perfect and a secure way to achieve your long term goals from your children’s higher education, their marriage to wealth creation and your retirement plans.

SIP is designed as per your convenience with flexibility to start investing with any initial amount at any time on any day of the month, to generate better returns and reduce your stress for the future, for a better today.


In Systematic Transfer Plan, the investor invests the lump sum amount in a scheme and predefined sum is shifted or transferred from this mutual fund to another scheme you choose on a fixed date of every month. This plan protects you from the volatility of the market for equity fund investments


ELSS or Equity Linked Saving Schemes offers a simple and a smart way to avail tax benefits by deduction up to the limits specified under the section 80C of Income Tax Act, 1961. This is a potential wealth creation plan and generates maximum benefits from long term equity investments and also has a specified lock-in period.