Save your family from an unplanned long traumatic financial struggle after your demise. Our life insurance policy covers different needs at very affordable rates –

  • Protection for you
  • Accidental death benefit
  • Children education and marriage
  • Retirement plans
  • Women’s plan


Unit linked insurance plans is a long – term investment plan and is linked to the capital market. Depending on your risk appetite this market-linked policy provides the option of choosing from the very best of insurance and investment.

Our ULIP plan covers

  • Retirement plans
  • Children education and marriage
  • Health
  • Investment purposes


Retirement plans provide you the much needed financial independence and security after you retire. It maintains your living standards and enables you to live the rest of your life with pride and self – satisfaction.

The different plans we have after your retirement

  • Personal pension plans
  • Guaranteed pension plan
  • Assured pension plans
  • New immediate annuity plan


Securing your child’s future is the primary responsibility as parents. An apt child insurance plan at the right age is something your child will need to accomplish his/her dreams and achieves a distinguished career.


Money back plans are perfect assurance and investment with guaranteed returns. With periodic payouts during the term, financial support to the family of the deceased policy holder and a lump sum amount after its maturity makes it the best fit plan against death.


It is a protected plan for your family and your loved ones with an affordable price for a specific time period. It provides financial support to the family of the policy holder in case of an unpredicted unfortunate event as death benefit. Blue Umbrella, therefore, provides the best – fit plan to meet your needs.


This policy is beneficial if you want to save for a particular event or goal for a specific period. It is also an assurance from our company to safeguard your family’s financial interest in the case of a sudden death. It also provides a lump sum amount after the maturity of the term.

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