The vehicle is a necessity in today’s life. Industrialization and advancement in technology have made it a need, a source of income and a support to your day to day activities.

Therefore we understand the need for a comprehensive insurance policy to safeguard your vehicle and protect you from any financial loss.

Blue Umbrella presents a motor insurance policy that is designed to cover all your vehicle requirements from commercial vehicle insurance, two wheeler insurance to private car insurance.


A two wheeler is the easiest mode of conveyance that is congruent with your daily needs. It is a savior in rush hours, traffic jams and emergencies.

Yet using a two wheeler can be risky. An unforeseen event or an accident might cause severe damage to your vehicle or to any other person or property.

Our policies, therefore, protect you from third party claims, losses from the damage of your own vehicle, theft and any other damage on account of fire, riots etc.


Your own car is a symbol of your success, passion and love for it. It is not only a high value possession but a necessity to you and your family. It provides you with comfort, freedom of movement and few good memories.

Any damage from accidents, theft, burglary, riots, fire, earthquakes, cyclones or some unfortunate events might lead to severe financial loss that can be a setback to your firm, business or your financial planning.

Blue Umbrella, therefore, provides a comprehensive policy that covers losses from any such unpleasant event including the third party claims so that you can have a sense of security and a mind without worries.


A commercial vehicle is a source of livelihood for you, your family and your staffs. Accidents or any malicious event can cause huge financial loss or in some extreme cases might lead to a shutdown of your business. To protect you from such excruciating event and minimize the loss, blue umbrella presents a comprehensive policy that safeguards your vehicle and your interests.