Burglary Policy

Your organization is the biggest asset for you and your family. The risk of burglary and housebreaking etc. can take that support away.

Blue Umbrella, therefore, comes with the best insurance policies to ensure that all your losses are covered and protects you from the stressful after effect and aftermath of the unfortunate event.

The policy does not cover loss or damage of gold, silver or any other valuable goods and goods lying in open if not insured specifically. It also does not cover any warlike perils and nuclear weapon material.


Your business is an outgrowth of your aspirations, efforts and sleepless nights. It is a future to your staffs and near and dear ones.

When it comes to ensuring the safety of your business and your future, Blue umbrella has the best – designed policies to resume and restore your business


Without the aid of electronic equipment, it is inconceivable to run your business, ain’t it? Now imagine all your valuable data and information are destroyed beyond repair. To ensure that these consequences do not prove to be a setback, Blue Umbrella insurance Policy act as a buffer and minimizes the risk with very easy and hassle free procedures.


Fraud, duplicity and dishonesty come with the package in this business world. Therefore, protection of your interest and firm are our foremost priority. The blue Umbrella Fidelity Policy ensures that your organization never suffer any loss or damage from such falsity and disloyalty.


Large industries are vulnerable to many unfortunate incidents. Small accidents can lead to great losses. These potential threats to your organization can cause severe financial and moral damage. Such unforeseen circumstances can be safeguard under industrial all risk policy and also ensures a recovery of your firm.


Blue umbrella marine cargo insurance deals with both import and export causalities. International shipments are susceptible to few significant risks. We, therefore, take care of your goods until it’s safely delivered to the buyer.

Policies are designed considering both national and international laws to avoid the maximum fuss and with minimal procedures, your freight is ready to go against all odds.


Breakdown of machinery is the biggest nightmare for any organization. Delivery targets are not met which leads to contract loss and a tainted reputation in the market. With the financial loss, it also brings the staff morally down.

Machinery Break down insurance policy, therefore, deals with such accident and brings an ideal plan to tackle the situation.


Neon hoardings are one of the important means of promotion and publicity. With their exorbitant rates, it is necessary to ensure that any damage caused out of the fire, strike and natural perils are covered.

This policy, therefore, covers any damage caused by fire or any such infelicitous events.


It is an annual policy that covers any loss or damage from the breakage of the insured plate glass used in windows or showcases of commercial establishments.

It does not cover breakage due to fire, earthquake, superficial damage or scratch, cracked or imperfect glass.


To safeguard your money from theft, burglary, house breaking or an accident while transiting cheques, postal orders, currency notes, cash, bank drafts from the insured premises to the bank or post office, Blue umbrella presents this policy and protects you from unnecessary loss and worries.


This insurance policy covers any event from a wedding, party, Festival, conference or formal get together. It secures your efforts, plans and helps you conduct a successful event by preparing you for any mishaps or unforeseen event with minimum fuss and minimum price. Our policy protects the policy holder from lawsuits, claims of bodily injuries of others and any property damage.


Building contractor’s principle focus is the completion of the project in time. Saving your capital interest against any loss and damage or third party claim is what we intend under this policy for a smooth and hassle – free execution of your project.

Extension of cover is available by adding

  • Cost of removal of debris
  • Air freight
  • Additional custom duty