Employees and staff are the biggest assets a firm has. We customize policies to help your business attract employees and protect their interests by providing benefits and services and their lives and incomes.


We offer group annuities to protect your post – retirement days. It is a tax – free, defined- benefit plan and guarantees a pension benefit to the qualified insurer. We provide you with few choices for you to select the best fit policy with best returns.


We are living longer and have a higher standard of living than ever before; however, unless we plan for our retirement, there is a real risk we will live longer than our money. Superannuation can, therefore, provide us with a better retirement plan.

Superannuation is an employee benefit plan. The employer supports their staff to take action about their Superannuation. There are two types of superannuation benefits

  • Defined benefit – The benefits at retirement are known to the employee.
  • Defined contribution – The contributions by employers only know and fixed and the benefits are not guaranteed.